Summer Reading List

Book reviews coming soon! Completed reading: 1. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett 2. Allegiant by Veronica Roth 3. One Lavender Ribbon by Heather Burch 4. 1984 by George Orwell ¬† Currently… Continue reading

The Sports Bug Fever I Catch Every Four Years

It’s funny how I suddenly become a sports fan every four years when the World Cup comes around or every two years when the Olympics happen. I guess a lot of people are… Continue reading

Mr. Frog

  Have you ever encountered a frog just going about your daily life in the city? I just finished a night of bowling with my co-workers. I get into my car and its… Continue reading

4 Tips to Workout After Work

After working the 7pm-4pm gig at ExxonMobil, I am beginning to understand the lack of motivation to exercise after work. Even the daily cup of coffee during the afternoon slump doesn’t help too… Continue reading

Week 3

Top photo: The Natchez ship docked at the French Quarter in New Orleans. This is the ninth Natchez ship to operate and is stationed in New Orleans and run by the New Orleans… Continue reading

Tearful Dreaming

My beauty sleep was rudely interrupted three times last night… by my dreams.¬†Usually, I never remember my dreams and sleep very peacefully. However, my brain seemed very active in the early hours of… Continue reading

Weekend Adventures

It’s been a VERY eventful weekend so far! After a long week, Jared and I walked around New Orleans on Friday night. We walked around Magazine St. first to find some dinner and… Continue reading


I get it now. I understand what the hype about beignets is all about. They’re heavenly delicious. Now I can’t tell a good beignet from a bad one, but the beignets at Cafe… Continue reading

Twelve Weeks of New Orleans

Well it’s finally becoming a reality… interning for ExxonMobil… living in New Orleans. AH! The drive from Colorado to New Orleans was so long. Stopped in Norman, OK for a night before the… Continue reading