Week 3

Week 3Top photo: The Natchez ship docked at the French Quarter in New Orleans. This is the ninth Natchez ship to operate and is stationed in New Orleans and run by the New Orleans Steamboat Company. You can take day trips or dinner cruises down the Mississippi River.

Bottom left: Rundown of the Oyster festival – The eating contest was disgusting, amazing, and impressive to watch all at once. The winner, Sonia, is a very petite lady who ate 40 DOZEN oysters in 8.5 minutes. She’s got a huge stomach capacity! They also pulled up people from the audience and it was funny to see how they fared against the pro-eaters. One of the audience members actually got third place! Now I’m no oyster eating expert, but it seemed like they needed to get a rhythm going, otherwise they’d slow down toward the end and lose steam. Sonia was even dancing a little while she was eating. Hah!

Bottom center: I bought a violin! The pegs are broken so I have to go repair those before I can tune it and play it.

Bottom right: A guy playing the Sitar in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter.