Gray’s and Torrey’s

Climbed Gray’s and Torrey’s yesterday with friends! Perfect weather too. Definitely need hiking shoes, any suggestions?


Good morning! Starting the day off with a green drink – cucumbers and lemons! Yum!

Pajamas is a Weird Word

I’ve decided that pajamas is a weird word. I don’t really know how that thought popped into my head…but it did so we’re just going to go with it. Anyway, thanks to wikipedia,… Continue reading


Just wanted to share my beautiful lunch today!


Just wanted to share my beautiful lunch today!

Dearest Back…

Dearest Back, I would love for you to stop hurting and causing me random bursts of pain whenever I bend down or move into a certain position. I don’t know what I did… Continue reading

Spontaneous 10K Night Run

So I am on a half-marathon training schedule and yesterday I was suppose to run 4 miles. But, I felt so so good that I ended up running a 10K… what. I could… Continue reading

Rockies and Thoughts on Motivation

Hey all! So I went to a Rockies game last night with a couple of friends. For those of you who don’t know, the Rockies are Colorado’s baseball team. They played the LA… Continue reading

Interesting Occurances

We run and we don’t expect to meet anyone new or attempt to make casual conversation with other people in our surroundings. But, today I did meet someone new (albeit a little sketchy)… Continue reading

Back into running

So finals came around… and studying took priority over everything… especially fitness. Just got back into running after close to three weeks and it’s amazing how quickly you lose your speed and endurance.… Continue reading