Tearful Dreaming

My beauty sleep was rudely interrupted three times last night… by my dreams. Usually, I never remember my dreams and sleep very peacefully. However, my brain seemed very active in the early hours of the morning. The first dream is a blur and I don’t remember much… only that it was weird. In the second dream, my friend had four arms and another friend’s dog died. After the third dream, I woke up crying… I’d rather not go into what the dream was… but it was very personal. I was looking over the entire scene and I was able to watch myself throughout the dream. Watching yourself is really strange, it’s like watching a home video of yourself. I wonder if I can accurately dream about my own movements now – I haven’t watched a video of me in a long time. It seemed like it all happened so quickly… or I only remember a small portion of the dream.  Throughout my life I’ve woken up crying a couple of times. It’s never a happy experience. These dreams never come when I’m in a particularly sad or angry mood. It’s a very rare occurrence but always memorable.  Have you ever woken up crying before?