5 Favorite Study Places in Boulder

I’m always looking for a good place to study. Usually I study in my room or in my office, but sometime I need to change it up to be more productive. Here are… Continue reading

The Wind Rises – Boulder International Film Festival

“Engineers make dreams into reality” -The Wind Rises Today, I went to watch The Wind Rises at the Boulder International Film Festival. It is written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the same person… Continue reading

Valentine Cake Balls

My friend Jannine and I attempted to make cake balls for our Society of Women Engineers Valentine Bake Sale. Well… it did not turn out so well. We’ve attempted to bake stuff before…… Continue reading

Encounter With a Tree

I’m currently taking a class called iEngineering. It’s a philosophical approach to answering questions like “Why do you want to be an engineer?” or “What do you want the impact of your work… Continue reading

Attention Span = 0

Couldn’t pay attention for the life of me in class yesterday. This is what went through my head…

Rocket Sat IX Retreat

This weekend I went up my friend’s cabin in Grand Lake, CO with one of my project teams. We spent our time engaging in snowball fight warfare, snow wrestling, eating way too many… Continue reading

What Makes a Best Friend?

From my previous posts, I hope its obvious that I’ve been questioning friendships and the qualities that make up a friend. I’ve also been asking what differentiates a friend from a good friend… Continue reading

A Semester in Review

It’s finally the end of the semester and I’m sitting in bed just reviewing everything that happened. Wow I did a lot. There were lots of ups and downs, but I learned an… Continue reading


“So this was betrayal. It was like being left alone in the desert at dusk without water or warmth. It left your mouth dry and will broken. It sapped your tears and made… Continue reading


“We are the architects of our own happiness” -Bishop Gerald Causse Everything is a choice whether it may be obvious or not. We create our own emotional state based our decisions: who we… Continue reading