About Me

This blog was designed to be my running journal but has since turned into a blog about my life in general. I was born in Singapore and moved to the US when I was about 2 years old. I’m currently a junior studying Chemical Engineering at CU Boulder. I am a process engineering intern at ExxonMobil this summer in Chalmette, LA and am living in New Orleans, LA. It’s a different culture down here in the south and I’m enjoying every moment of it! Usually, I live in the beautiful state of Colorado and thoroughly enjoy spending time outdoors among nature. I am a fan of adventuring, snuggling under warm blankets, and conversing with my comrades at local coffee shops. I have big dreams and high goals – it would be a wasted life if I didn’t! One of my proudest achievements is my photography blog which you can check out by clicking HERE.

Second from the left

Second from the left

I'm on the left!

I’m on the left!