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Mr. Frog

  Have you ever encountered a frog just going about your daily life in the city? I just finished a night of bowling with my co-workers. I get into my car and its… Continue reading

4 Tips to Workout After Work

After working the 7pm-4pm gig at ExxonMobil, I am beginning to understand the lack of motivation to exercise after work. Even the daily cup of coffee during the afternoon slump doesn’t help too… Continue reading


It’s official. I’m interning for ExxonMobil next summer! AHHHHHH! Super stoked. I’ll be living in the Big Easy and working at the Chalmette refinery. It’s a smaller refinery so hopefully I’ll be able… Continue reading

Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon – Denver

First half-marathon completed! I had a great time running the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Denver yesterday morning. It was pretty chilly so I wore a Nike long-sleeved shirt, capri running pants,… Continue reading

Good Eats

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare” -Juma Ikangaa Trying to eat healthy before the Rock and Roll Half Marathon!! I’m really excited for it. Hopefully it won’t be… Continue reading

The 4 H’s of my Post Workout Routine

1. Hydrate!!! 2. Hygiene. Take that shower! 3. Hunger. Refuel! 4. Hibernate. Catch those zzzzs.

Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon and Random Facts

Just signed up for the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Denver and I’m feeling super pumped about it!!! Summer school is over and I have time to just do whatever I want.… Continue reading

Gray’s and Torrey’s

Climbed Gray’s and Torrey’s yesterday with friends! Perfect weather too. Definitely need hiking shoes, any suggestions?

Pajamas is a Weird Word

I’ve decided that pajamas is a weird word. I don’t really know how that thought popped into my head…but it did so we’re just going to go with it. Anyway, thanks to wikipedia,… Continue reading

Rockies and Thoughts on Motivation

Hey all! So I went to a Rockies game last night with a couple of friends. For those of you who don’t know, the Rockies are Colorado’s baseball team. They played the LA… Continue reading