Energy Infrastructure in the Developing World

I attended a seminar on Global Energy Economics at the Conference of World Affairs at CU Boulder. Although it was incredibly boring for the most part, I learned a few cool things about… Continue reading

Clear Conscience

20 Things I’ve Learned During My 20 Years On Earth

I’m twenty years old now… what?! My birthday was last week and I celebrated by doing a lot of homework with my friend Luke. For my actual celebration, I went to the Walnut… Continue reading

Things People Tell Me Constantly

These are the most common things people say to me: “Your feet are really small…” Thank you for telling me. I know. I get this comment at least once a week. “Your handwriting… Continue reading


Bramasole – to yearn for the sun The weather has been beautiful lately and it makes me realize how much I miss being outside in the sunshine. On Monday I just sat outside… Continue reading

Leadership Philosophy

As the hall council president this year, I have developed and established the way I view leadership. A leader should be someone who helps and facilitates the personal growth and leadership of others.… Continue reading



The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

A great video on motivation. Check it out. “We are purpose maximizers”