The Sports Bug Fever I Catch Every Four Years

It’s funny how I suddenly become a sports fan every four years when the World Cup comes around or every two years when the Olympics happen. I guess a lot of people are like that too though. It’s fun to be with the crowd cheering on the same team. Builds good camaraderie! I was at Dat Dog on Magazine St. two days ago watching the Germany vs. Ghana game and yesterday watching the USA vs. Portugal game. The USA vs. Portugal was so upsetting! The last few seconds and they let a goal in?! Come on! But it was a fun environment to be with with everyone cheering and moaning at the same time. Plus the fries at Dat Dog are fantastic. You have to try the crawfish etouffee fries if you’re there. It’s definitely the go to place to watch the World Cup from now on. 3 minutes from my place? Heck yeah! Out of the two games, the Germany vs. Ghana game was more fun to watch. Ghana passes the ball so quickly. They just play more elegant soccer than a lot of other teams.  A couple of the interns and Jared came with me to watch the USA vs. Portugal game and it was a good time to just relax and chat (or get high blood pressure from watching the game) before the work week started.

Yesterday morning I went to Coquette on Magazine St. with Kentrell, Daniel, and Jared. Its a pretty upscale place. I ordered the Egg Benedict since you can’t go wrong with that. But $23 for that… seriously? Definitely a one time thing just to try the place out. Kentrell and Jared got the three course brunch special. Their portions were so tiny I don’t know how they sustained for the rest of the day. The desserts they got were pretty fantastic though. Mint julep chocolate pudding and blueberry ice cream. Mmm…. looked so good.I would recommend Coquette as more of a social gathering rather than a sustainable meal.

If you listen to just one song this week, I recommend Come Over feat. Stylo G by Clean Bandit. Listened to it on Spotify for the first time yesterday. Good groovin’ music.