Monthly Archive: June, 2012

When You’re Angry… Run!

Yesterday I was angry for no apparent reason. It just happens sometimes and I become short tempered. I happens about three times a year or so. But it was 8:00pm and I just… Continue reading

Going Bananas!

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits! Found this cool poster all about bananas!

Colorado Burning

Colorado is burning and it’s so scary. I walk outside and immediately smell smoke and my house isn’t even close to the fires. Today the fire took a drastic turn for the worse… Continue reading


Just went to watch Brave with my little sister and it was pretty good. Definitely one of the more funny Disney movies around. Merida is the main character with amazing red hair and… Continue reading

Back On Track

I love waking up to the smell of smoke… there’s a huge fire in Colorado and the smell of smoke wafts through the entire front range area. I kept my window open last… Continue reading

Runner’s Cove

Hello! So I’ve started this blog to share my passion about running and health with rest of the world. Lately, I have been finding it difficult to motivate myself to go run due… Continue reading