4 Tips to Workout After Work

After working the 7pm-4pm gig at ExxonMobil, I am beginning to understand the lack of motivation to exercise after work. Even the daily cup of coffee during the afternoon slump doesn’t help too much. It’s tiring to be sitting in an office all day! The days in which I’m actually walking around the refinery make me feel more energized. Plus, getting out of the office building is a good way to break up the time. I never truly understood why people always say they’re too tired after work. Now I understand. In this dangerously sedentary world with increasing obesity rates, we have to find a way to motivate ourselves to be active. I’ve found some ways to incorporate exercise into my daily life:

1. Go to the gym with others – After work I go to the gym with the other interns. We shoot some hoops or we do our own thing. So why does this work? Reliability. If you tell others you’re going to be at the gym, you have to show up.

2. Go to the gym during your lunch break – Got an hour lunch break? 30 minutes at the gym and 30 minutes to eat. Perfect. It keeps you feeling more awake for the rest of the day too.

3. Sign up for classes – Again, it’s all about reliability. You’ve signed up for the class, you’ve paid for the class… you have to go! I’ve signed up for a monthly yoga membership at Shanti Yoga Shala in Uptown. Yoga is much more difficult than I thought it’d be. I’m so sore after my first class!

4. Do something you enjoy – All workouts don’t have to be miserable sweat sessions in the gym… in fact I hope none of your workouts are! Go play a sport or go dancing. I’m a part of a weekly volleyball team because volleyball is the best sport on the planet. Our first session is this Wednesday and I’m so stoked to play again! I miss it a lot after I stopped playing after high school.