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Summer Summaries – Relationships

My favorite thing about this summer is meeting so many awesome people. I’m just gonna give a shout out to all the interns who have shared many exciting moments with me: Kentrell, Alejandro,… Continue reading

20 Things I’ve Learned During My 20 Years On Earth

I’m twenty years old now… what?! My birthday was last week and I celebrated by doing a lot of homework with my friend Luke. For my actual celebration, I went to the Walnut… Continue reading


Bramasole – to yearn for the sun The weather has been beautiful lately and it makes me realize how much I miss being outside in the sunshine. On Monday I just sat outside… Continue reading


A Semester in Review

It’s finally the end of the semester and I’m sitting in bed just reviewing everything that happened. Wow I did a lot. There were lots of ups and downs, but I learned an… Continue reading


“We are the architects of our own happiness” -Bishop Gerald Causse Everything is a choice whether it may be obvious or not. We create our own emotional state based our decisions: who we… Continue reading