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Impromptu Night Adventures

My friends, Sara and Juhi, and I went on an impromptu doughnut run to Voodoo Doughnuts the other day. Impromptu plans are always the most fun because its an adventure – no one… Continue reading

Valentine Cake Balls

My friend Jannine and I attempted to make cake balls for our Society of Women Engineers Valentine Bake Sale. Well… it did not turn out so well. We’ve attempted to bake stuff before…… Continue reading

Rocket Sat IX Retreat

This weekend I went up my friend’s cabin in Grand Lake, CO with one of my project teams. We spent our time engaging in snowball fight warfare, snow wrestling, eating way too many… Continue reading

What Makes a Best Friend?

From my previous posts, I hope its obvious that I’ve been questioning friendships and the qualities that make up a friend. I’ve also been asking what differentiates a friend from a good friend… Continue reading