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Insanity Fit Test

So I completed the Insanity Fit Test today: Switch Kicks – 43 Power Jacks – 50 Power Knees – 81 Power Jumps – 41 Globe Jumps – 7 Suicide Jumps – 23 Push-Up… Continue reading


Oh what have I gotten myself into?! I decided to buy Insanity on a whim yesterday night after the beautiful firework show in my town. Why? Well I’ve just been wanting to do… Continue reading

When You’re Angry… Run!

Yesterday I was angry for no apparent reason. It just happens sometimes and I become short tempered. I happens about three times a year or so. But it was 8:00pm and I just… Continue reading

Going Bananas!

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits! Found this cool poster all about bananas!