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Photo a Day 2015

Hey! I haven’t posted in a very long time. I hope everyone had a great time during their holiday season. In 2015 I’m starting a Photo a Day album – the title is… Continue reading

Friends with 2AM

I can tell you right now that it’s going to be one hell of a semester. I just wrote “write” instead of “right”… That’s just how things are going to go. Made a… Continue reading

Impromptu Night Adventures

My friends, Sara and Juhi, and I went on an impromptu doughnut run to Voodoo Doughnuts the other day. Impromptu plans are always the most fun because its an adventure – no one… Continue reading

20 Things I’ve Learned During My 20 Years On Earth

I’m twenty years old now… what?! My birthday was last week and I celebrated by doing a lot of homework with my friend Luke. For my actual celebration, I went to the Walnut… Continue reading

Things People Tell Me Constantly

These are the most common things people say to me: “Your feet are really small…” Thank you for telling me. I know. I get this comment at least once a week. “Your handwriting… Continue reading


Bramasole – to yearn for the sun The weather has been beautiful lately and it makes me realize how much I miss being outside in the sunshine. On Monday I just sat outside… Continue reading

5 Favorite Study Places in Boulder

I’m always looking for a good place to study. Usually I study in my room or in my office, but sometime I need to change it up to be more productive. Here are… Continue reading

Encounter With a Tree

I’m currently taking a class called iEngineering. It’s a philosophical approach to answering questions like “Why do you want to be an engineer?” or “What do you want the impact of your work… Continue reading

Attention Span = 0

Couldn’t pay attention for the life of me in class yesterday. This is what went through my head…

Rocket Sat IX Retreat

This weekend I went up my friend’s cabin in Grand Lake, CO with one of my project teams. We spent our time engaging in snowball fight warfare, snow wrestling, eating way too many… Continue reading