Friends with 2AM

I can tell you right now that it’s going to be one hell of a semester. I just wrote “write” instead of “right”… That’s just how things are going to go. Made a huge decision to get a double degree – BA in Economics on top of my BS in Chemical Engineering. Eighteen credits… what was I thinking! I really enjoy all of my classes but I am constantly working. Busy busy like a bee. Funny, a song just came up on my Spotify called “Wasp Nest” as I typed the previous sentence. Coincidence? NO WAY! Spotify is definitely trying to tell me it can read my mind. I’m suppose to be writing a rough draft of my personal narrative on food… but I’m attempting to perfect the art of procrastination. I think I’m doing a mighty fine job right now. Also attempting not to fall asleep after my seeing 4AM yesterday morning. -_- My eyes are struggling to stay open! This lack of sleep is probably not conducive to my health… my friend, Luke, told me that I was going to take at least half a year off of my life by staying up late every night. Oh well. Gotta do it!