Summer Summaries – Relationships

My favorite thing about this summer is meeting so many awesome people. I’m just gonna give a shout out to all the interns who have shared many exciting moments with me: Kentrell, Alejandro, Daniel, Estella, Alex, Colin, and Katrina. Alejandro shared an office with me and we had some good chats about career, life, good stuff. Kentrell… is the goof ball of the group as Colin would like to say. However, carpooling with him everyday was really enjoyable and he brought up a lot of interesting questions right off the bat. Its not everyday someone asks you “Do you want to get married someday?” or questions of that caliber on the first day they meet you. Estella and I worked on a project together and had some good chats along the way. I wasn’t struggling along this time! She’s very easy-going and easy to talk to. I enjoyed our intern parties at Ron’s house every so often. Pool, grill, food… cheers to new friends! I’m gonna miss this group for sure. I feel like I’m closer to some of these people than my friends back home in Colorado! 

Clearly Jared and I got pretty close after living together for a whole summer. He’s a real punny guy and makes me laugh so hard when he goes on his pun tangents. It’s ridiculous how many puns he can think of! At Jacques Imos we almost had an entire business plan laid out for our cheese themed conglomerate. Most of the discussion was in puns. Hilarious! We basically did everything together – check out all the festivals, ate lots of food, talked about life over cheesecake on our shitty patio dining table, played weekly volleyball, practiced our final presentations with each other, and the list goes on and on and on. I’ll still see him around CU hopefully when we go back to school. 

On a complete 180…Kyle and I were apart for most of the summer. I went back to CO for July 4th and he came out to visit two weeks ago. It’s been really good, although the communication can be difficult at times. When he came to visit we did all sorts of things. The weekend seriously flew by. Ate at Commander’s Palace, The Rum House, Dat Dog, Cafe Amelie, Still Perkin, and Wasabi. We went on a swamp tour – I really don’t think marshmallows are good for alligators. He met most of the interns and ExxonMobil people at Ron’s greatest party of the year. I’m looking forward to this semester when we are actually in the same city and not 1,400 miles apart. However, long distance teaches you to appreciate every second you have together.