Top Ten New Orleans Dishes

My roommate, Jared, is pretty into food. So I guess that makes me pretty into food as well. We’ve tried a ton of different places in the city and most meals have been really good. Here is my top ten favorite food items in New Orleans…

1. Charbroiled Oysters – Drago’s. Had them at the Oyster Festival. YOU MUST EAT THESE IF YOU ARE IN NEW ORLEANS. Mmmmmmmm!

2. Blackened Redfish – Jacques Imos Cafe. Best fish I’ve ever eaten. Hands-down. 10/10. 

3. Sauteed Crab Claws – Royal House. Tiny crab claws drenched in a delicious buttery sauce. It was the first thing I ever ate in New Orleans upon recommendation of the waitress. Absolutely a good choice. Jared (the roommate) and Kyle (the boyfriend) agree as well.

4. Johnny Appleseed Hot Dog – Dat Dog. It’s a vegetarian hot dog (which I know sounds weird) that tasted a little smokey, sweet, and just damn good all at once. It was a special though so I don’t know if you can order it at any time. Doesn’t hurt to ask though. 

5. Bourbon BBQ Shrimp – Bourbon House. Fantastic BBQ shrimp in a bourbon sauce with some cornbread. Making my mouth water. Its an appetizer so you’ll have plenty of room to eat more!

6. Taco Trifecta – The Rum House. Tacos are good and cheap. The rasta is my favorite taco, along with the grilled shrimp and grilled mahi mahi. The atmosphere is lively and energetic. Haven’t tried the rum so I can’t comment on that. Jared seems to enjoy their drinks though. 

7. Creole Tomato stuffed with Crawfish Pasta – J’s Seafood Dock. I had this at the Creole Tomato Festival. That’s the picture in this post. Damn good. I think you can try it at the French Market.

8. Sourcream, Tomato, and Crawfish Etouffee Fries – Dat Dog. The best fries I’ve ever eaten. Ever. Its the sauce. The sauce makes the dish come alive. If you haven’t noticed my Dat Dog obsession by now, you haven’t been reading all my posts. You have to go to Dat Dog if you’re visiting this city!

9. Danishes – La Boulangerie. Everything at this French bakery is amazing really… I especially love their iced coffee and peach danish. The blueberry danish is scrumptious but its massive!

10. Beignets – Cafe du Monde. You knew the famous French Doughnuts were going to make the list. Powdered sugar and deep fried dough… what more can I say?