Eight Favorite Things About Royal St.

Royal Street is my favorite street in the French Quarter for many reasons…

1. There’s a violin/guitar duo named Tanya and Dorise. They play every weekend on Royal St. as I’ve said in my previous post. My ears are in heaven when I hear them. 

2. Royal St. is not insanely crazy like Bourbon St.

3. All the art galleries are nice to peruse through. The air conditioning is really what makes it great though hahaha. Escape from the heat!

4. Petite Amelie was the first bakery I went to in New Orleans. Really tasty mille-feuille. Wonderful custard filling. 

5. Cafe Amelie is pretty good for a Sunday brunch. Though the boyfriend rated his breakfast sandwich a 4/10… so maybe don’t order that. The pecan french toast looked REALLY rich and sweet if you’re into that kind of thing. I ordered the fritatta which was a good savory meal. The croissant that came with the meal was really good though. 

6. Royal House is a restaurant on Royal St. that serves mostly seafood. There’s an upper balcony you can sit on if you have a party of 2. Haven’t done that yet but I want to since I’m obsessed with balconies. Get the crab claw appetizer. The sauce really makes the dish something special. It’s always about the sauce. 

7. Papier Plume is a specialty store that sells pens and journals. Very knowledgeable owners. If you want to know anything about fountain pens or pens in general, check this place out. I didn’t know pens could get so technical. 

8. The atmosphere and vibe of Royal St. is definitely more my style than any of the other famous streets in the French Quarter. I’m all about strolling along and looking at interesting things. It has the most relaxed feeling of all the famous streets in the FQ.