Energy Infrastructure in the Developing World

I attended a seminar on Global Energy Economics at the Conference of World Affairs at CU Boulder. Although it was incredibly boring for the most part, I learned a few cool things about the upcoming problems associated with energy. The panel briefly talked about the inevitable energy developments in Africa. Currently, Africa has limited energy infrastructure, if any. As Africa develops further, the need for effective and efficient energy provision will greatly rise. Building Africa’s energy infrastructure will look a lot different that the energy infrastructures of the developed worlds. Africa has the chance to use the newest energy technologies to provide energy to its people. The continent will be able to innovate new and hopefully more sustainable ways of providing energy. No coal plants or giant power grids. The developed world has to refit its existing structures to increase energy efficiency. Developing worlds have the chance to build energy efficiency into its infrastructure right from the beginning. I think this is one of the most interesting issues in the energy industry and it would be really cool to work on a project pertaining to this problem.