20 Things I’ve Learned During My 20 Years On Earth

I’m twenty years old now… what?! My birthday was last week and I celebrated by doing a lot of homework with my friend Luke. For my actual celebration, I went to the Walnut Brewery with 20+ of my friends and had a good time talking to everyone. The carrot cake was fantastic and the cream cheese frosting was heavenly. So delicious. I’ve decided that I should compile a list of things I have learned in my 20 years on Earth. I’ve been working on this list since January and just finished it this morning. So here goes…

1. The most attractive quality a person can have is the ability to hold an intellectual conversation with some sarcasm and humor thrown in there.

2.Colorado is the best state.

3. Family is the best support system.

4. You only need a few quality friends.

5. I cannot bake to save my life.

6. Orange highlighters are the best type of highlighters.

7. I am so blessed and fortunate to know the people in my life.

8. I love the sun.

9. Navy and black should never be worn together.

10. Shoes and earrings are the best accessories.

11. Dreaming is a luxury.

12. Holding grudges drains your energy.

13. Reading and writing make you smarter.

14. Leadership, ambition, and honesty are the three main traits that describe me.

15. Go with the flow.

16. You learn the most in times of struggle.

17. I have a fear of long distance relationships.

18. I would consider myself spiritual.

19. You can do anything if you really want it.

20. Time becomes so much more valuable as you get older.