Leadership Philosophy

As the hall council president this year, I have developed and established the way I view leadership. A leader should be someone who helps and facilitates the personal growth and leadership of others. Leaders should trust the people they lead and allow them to bring their ideas into fruition. If people are passionate about their idea they can produce amazing results. Hall council has been able to put on huge events this year because of passion and personal interest. Our ski trip was planned by a huge ski fanatic, our homecoming float was planned by someone incredibly artistic and crafty, and our haunted house was successfully planned by everyone over a common love of candy and scaring people. So, as a leader, I try to encourage and facilitate the planning of all realistic ideas. This has taught me to put trust in my members and delegate based on their strengths. Initially, this was difficult as I did not know their strengths or weaknesses (I don’t know if they knew their strengths or weaknesses either). Over time, everyone naturally exposed where their strengths are and it has allowed us to more efficiently conduct events and event planning. A lot of people view the president as the one with all the power. However, I see it completely differently. A president is the one who ties an organization together but the power is in its members. They are the ones who come up with unique ideas and the role of the president is to let them lead in their areas of strength, motivate them, and cultivate their passion. If a president can successfully do this, the organization will thrive. Motivation comes from trust and a maintaining a Laissez-faire approach – limited micromanagement. If they see they have complete control over something they are passionate about, they will be motivated to produce the best results. This delegation also allows me to concentration on the big picture and not have to worry about the small details. Cultivating passion is accomplished by capturing enthusiasm and turning it into a concrete project – something where ideas turn into a reality.