5 Favorite Study Places in Boulder

I’m always looking for a good place to study. Usually I study in my room or in my office, but sometime I need to change it up to be more productive. Here are my favorite off campus places to go in Boulder.

1. Trident Bookstore and Cafe – A coffee shop on the west end of Pearl St. It’s a good place to sit and bust work out such as long readings or writing essays. Better to work alone here. It’s a very popular coffee shop and most of the seats are usually taken.

2. Starbucks on Pearl – Newly renovated and student friendly! There are a good amount of outlets, good coffee, good music, and a relaxed atmosphere.

3. Brewing Market on Baseline – Lattes, mochas, and teas are pretty good. Straight black coffee is horrendous though. It’s my favorite place for group work and there are plenty of outlets.

4. Whole Foods on Pearl – Hungry and need to study? Go to Whole Foods! A good study area and lots of nourishing food. It can be hectic at times though.

5. Amante Coffee on Baseline – Much bigger than the Amante on Walnut, a good amount of outlets, a nice patio deck for when the weather is nice.