Valentine Cake Balls

My friend Jannine and I attempted to make cake balls for our Society of Women Engineers Valentine Bake Sale. Well… it did not turn out so well. We’ve attempted to bake stuff before… but it always fails! Baking is obviously not our thing. We’ve baked lemon cookies that turned out to be an interesting texture but edible. We attempted oatmeal cookies but those turned out to be too hard… and our cake balls turned out to be too mushy! AH! I guess following a recipe is really difficult for us… A recipe is like a chemistry lab where you follow the steps and good things should happen… but no! Our baking is a chemistry experiment that works almost all the way… and then blows up. Like a meth lab in Breaking Bad. Okay, its not that drastic but I’m allowed to exaggerate and dramatize once in a while. It was difficult to roll the cake balls in chocolate so we just dolloped the chocolate on top of the balls. It looked and tasted pretty good actually – we called them cake turds. Hahaha. I wish I took pictures. Anyway, I want to learn how to bake delicious goodies this summer when I have the time. Speaking of Breaking Bad, I still have yet to watch the last part of Season 5… I really should get on that.