“We are the architects of our own happiness”
-Bishop Gerald Causse

Everything is a choice whether it may be obvious or not. We create our own emotional state based our decisions: who we socialize with, what extracurricular activities we partake in, what our goals are, etc. As we make conscious decisions, we either build up our infrastructure for happiness or let it remain stagnant, maybe even let it decay. Yes, there are days when the unexpected happen and can change how we feel, but most of the time, we can put ourselves in a position to be happy. Lately, I’ve realized how true this is within myself. Some unfavorable events unfolded this past weekend that I have full rights to be upset, angry, enraged, even furious about. And I was for a brief period. However, I surrounded myself with good company and  engaging activities and everything felt much better. You can change your mood by placing yourself in a certain environment, but may revert back to more negative emotional states once those happier environments are removed. Discussing the unfavorable events obviously doesn’t make me happy, but it doesn’t anger me either. I’m choosing not to feel angry because I know its something that can be fixed and there’s no use in putting a lot of negative energy into it. Why would I want to feel angry when I can avoid it?

It’s currently a stressful time in college with finals just around the corner. Which also means it’s complaining season. On top of all the negativity surrounding finals, complaining absolutely does not help make you feel any better. I fall victim to this cycle of complaining as well. Why is it easier to be negative than to be optimistic and positive? It’s a question that has always puzzled me. I’ve realized its useless to complain because you’re still going to have to work through whatever you’re complaining about. Plus, it brings your mood down. However, its an environment in which people have found routine, making it acceptable by the masses. Really, if we want to improve moods we should focus on what’s good and positive. Change is hard and it’ll take a while for mentalities to shift. But if we start now, we’ll be thinking positively a lot sooner.