Mentorship and Motivation

So it’s midnight and I’ve just finished watching Frozen. Really good. Corny and cheesy at times, but it was entertaining overall. Definitely a good way to end a Saturday night. I’ve been thinking about two topics lately – mentorship and motivation.

I think I have subconsciously realized the importance of mentorship throughout my life. However, just this week it really hit me how mentorship has guided me in life. Both, mentoring and being mentored has transformed my thought processes, personal interactions, and overall knowledge and understanding. For example, I view my position as hall council president as more of a mentoring role for leadership within the hall. I help and guide the students in my council to improve or create a leadership philosophy for themselves. From mentoring, I can really see improvements in my council and the confidence the council members have developed within themselves and within others. It helps us perform more fluidly and we have a lot of fun together. From that perspective, mentoring also teaches you a lot about yourself. You understand your own leadership strengths and weaknesses and once identified, can be developed even further. For myself, delegation, trust in my members, and organization has been pretty stellar this year. However, sometimes I may be very outright with my opinions and it may have a negative influence over the members when it would not have otherwise. Personal opinions are necessary, but the timing of stating your opinion is important as well. I need to identify and prevent situations when my opinions can make everyone else’s opinions biased.

On the topic of being mentored, my boss/advisor has been a huge influence over my academic life. It’s nice to have someone guide you when you’re totally lost or are just beginning something brand new. Plus, they’ve probably been in your shoes at some point in their life and have an inkling of what its like emotionally and mentally. In that way, they’re a good support system to have when you are doubting your abilities.

Motivation came to mind because I’ve been chatting with people who say they are stuck. They don’t know what to do next and can’t seem to get out of whatever they are trying to escape from. I don’t really understand that mentality because my entire life, my motivation has always stemmed from the question “why not?” When I put my mind to something and I am determined to accomplish it, I have always succeeded. The journey is sometimes a struggle and its an investment mentally, physically, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually. But I have never doubted that I could not reach a goal. The world is open and available and there’s nothing stopping me from doing anything I want…except money sometimes. I realize how lucky I am to be able to chase down my aspirations and actually attain them. I think of all the people who have so much drive and passion but are stifled by money, corruption of governments, red tape, etc. and it is really disappointing to see the potential talent go to waste. This is why I really support organizations like KIVA who are trying to give resources to those who otherwise would be left in the dark.

Lately, music has been getting me through some really tough days and I have been inspired to start picking up the violin again… or maybe learn the guitar. Why not, right?