It’s official. I’m interning for ExxonMobil next summer! AHHHHHH! Super stoked. I’ll be living in the Big Easy and working at the Chalmette refinery. It’s a smaller refinery so hopefully I’ll be able to learn a lot about how processes function. After high school I did not know where chemical engineering could lead me and I definitely would not have guessed I’d end up at an oil and gas company. It’s been an educating experience learning about the potential industries a chemical engineer could work in… and there are a lot of them. I went to the Society of Women Engineers national conference in Baltimore this year and at the career fair, most of the companies hired chemical engineers. Nestle, Kelloggs, Kimberly Clark, Honeywell, GE, etc. There are so many opportunities for us chemical engineers!

On another note, I did Insanity for the first time in a long time… lets just say… OW!