Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon – Denver

First half-marathon completed! I had a great time running the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Denver yesterday morning. It was pretty chilly so I wore a Nike long-sleeved shirt, capri running pants, my Merrell shoes, gloves, and an Under Armor headband/ear warmer. Kept me nice and warm for the duration of the race. Naturally, there’s pain that comes after the race. Let me just say my knees are killing me today. Owwwwww. I had my doubts about completing the race because the farthest I’ve ran before yesterday was 9.5 miles. Obviously my training schedule didn’t go as planned. Life gets in the way. I’m a busy person. However, I managed to run the entire course without much trouble. Mile 11 was a killer, but mile 12 was all downhill to the finish line. 13.1 miles. DONE! Feels good to accomplish something I’ve been training for for months. There’s something about the racing environment that keeps you going. Maybe it’s because you know that everyone is in the same boat with you – determined to finish no matter what. It was inspiring to see people running for certain causes. Yesterday I saw people running for people they lost and for cancer survivors. The children on the sides held up signs that encouraged their moms or dads. The funniest sign I saw was “Mommy, hurry up! I’m bored!” Cute. Another wonderful sign was “You’re running better than our federal government.” Hahahaha. I definitely would do another half-marathon…maybe in April or May.



Oh and… I’M GOING TO SINGAPORE FOR WINTER VACATION. SO STOKED!! I looked for races in Singapore during the time of my stay, but there are none 😦 How disappointing.