Prevention should be a huge focus in health care. An emphasis should be placed on living a healthy lifestyle – eating healthy and exercising. There is no point is treating a chronic disease if you don’t know where it stems from. Once the treatment is completed, if the patient goes back to their previous lifestyle, the disease has a high chance of returning. Prevention is a much cheaper alternative to a series of testing and drugs, less invasive, and will be more efficient for society as a whole. Fewer sick days and doctor appointments! I’m all for companies giving employees health incentives. Some examples are providing a gym or hosting a fitness competition. Sometimes work takes priority over health which can lead to a steady decline in physical and mental health. Even I get caught up with school work, research work, and other leadership duties and the diet and fitness routine gets put on hold. Eventually I feel groggy and burnt out…that’s when I know I NEED to reset my priorities. I always tell myself I won’t fall back into the vicious working cycle…but it usually doesn’t work. Hopefully I can keep it up this semester.