Pajamas is a Weird Word

I’ve decided that pajamas is a weird word. I don’t really know how that thought popped into my head…but it did so we’re just going to go with it. Anyway, thanks to wikipedia, I’ve learned that pajamas is from the Persian payjameh meaning “leg garment”. So that’s your etymology lesson for the day!

My half marathon training has been going well! Yesterday I ran 7 miles up the Boulder Creek Path into the mountains and discovered an awesome new trail. It was very peaceful and no one else was on the path – probably because there were thunderclouds brewing… It’s definitely a run I’ll be going on again. I know I’m going to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Denver in October with my dorm’s running club… but I kind of want to sign up for a 10K before then just to keep myself motivated to train. I’ve been looking around for 10Ks to sign up for but I don’t know which one to choose! Help!

My current training plan is as follows:
Long run on Saturdays or Sundays and cross-train on the other day
Tues,Wed,Thurs – Shorter, harder runs
Mon and Fri – rest days

For cross-training I usually go on long bike rides. Road biking around the Boulder area is really beautiful. I discovered a stretch of farms along Valmont Rd. the other day. I’m also thinking about joining a yoga studio or getting a membership at the BRC. Decisions decisions.

Also, my friend Tess and I are wanting to travel Europe with our bikes. Probably starting in London and ending in Switzerland/Austria. It’s a rough idea right now but I really want to make it happen! It would be an amazing experience.