Rockies and Thoughts on Motivation


Hey all! So I went to a Rockies game last night with a couple of friends. For those of you who don’t know, the Rockies are Colorado’s baseball team. They played the LA Dodgers and lost 5-7. But it was a pretty good game overall. Anyway, my brain was trailing off into lala land and decided to think a lot about motivation. What is motivation? Why do some people lack it? How has motivation shaped my life?

Well to begin, I think motivation is mostly a self-driven influence that promotes the achievement of personal goals and happiness. Yes, we do have people around us attempting to motivate us, but the strongest motivation comes from within us. If we do not have the desire to do something, it will be a painful process to reach any goal. I believe people lack motivation because they’re truly not interested in what they’re doing or forced to be doing. Its like how some parents are so pressurizing and want their kids to compete in certain sports, attain certain grades, do this, do that, etc. It will eventually backfire if the kid doesn’t actually enjoy the activity. Now, if people are actually engaging in activities they like and are self-motivated by, the results can be amazing. People with true passions can create and engineer fantastic things. Self-motivation and success are directly correlated in my opinion. Success is a relative term and is defined differently by everyone. As long as people believe they are successful and happy about what they’ve worked on, that  is a major success in itself.

I believe that I’m extremely driven by self-motivation. I know what I want and if I’m truly invested and interested in it, it always gets accomplished. The feeling of exuberance I feel after accomplishing a huge goal is indescribable. All the hard-work put into the goal has finally paid off. Goal-setting has helped me organize and find purpose in my life. I’m always striving to be better in some way, even if it seems small to the world, it’s still something I can say I’m proud to have done. After all the times I have said I want to do a half-marathon, I’m finally seriously training for one. I’m not scared, but I know it’s going to be sweaty, painful, and I’ll probably feel like dying at times… but I know it will be worth it. On the plus side, I get to eat more food on the days of my long runs! Nom nom nom. A lot of people say set small goals so you know you can accomplish them. But, I say set big goals, because you never know what your limit is. Honestly, if we try hard enough, a lot of our “impossible” dreams are actually attainable. You just have to be willing to be resourceful and know how you’re going to go about working toward it.

List of my current goals:
1. Half-Marathon! Right now I’m looking at the Redline Erie Half-Marathon or the Rock n’ Roll Denver Marathon in October. Or both.
2. Survive Organic Chemistry this summer. Summer school ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
3. Try to find a place to sell my photography at in Boulder –