Interesting Occurances

We run and we don’t expect to meet anyone new or attempt to make casual conversation with other people in our surroundings. But, today I did meet someone new (albeit a little sketchy) and had a pretty interesting conversation with him. I had just finished up my 5K run and was walking back to my apartment when a guy asks to borrow my phone. I hesitated for a few seconds but ultimately allowed him to use it. We got to talking about his life and it turned into a pretty interesting 15 minutes of my life. Turns out he has cancer and just came out of surgery. It’s weird to think about how we run past so many different people everyday and each one of them has a story to tell. We don’t take notice of them because we’re just aiming to finish our run or keep our pace. I wonder what stories I would’ve heard if I had talked to people I’ve encountered along my runs. Strangers can help us break out of our daily routine and introduce new ideas or ways of thinking. This man sure did today, and I’m really glad he did. If he hadn’t, my day would’ve just been totally routine. Get up, go to work, go on a run, make dinner, etc. Every person you encounter in your life will contribute to your life in a certain way. Negative, positive, whatever. But these encounters add quality to your life whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it just takes a strange/sketchy encounter to make you realize that. That’s what it took for me anyway.