Goodness! I haven’t posted in 3 months! College has been incredibly busy and my lack of exercise and poor diet is killing me a little. I had to quit the triathlon team because I started working for the Colorado Space Grant Consortium on a project called Rocket Sat IX. We’re sending up a rocket payload to test the effects of microgravity on crystallization. It takes up all my time. Staying up until 4am to finish a presentation for the Air Force is a pretty big deal ah! I guess academics always comes first in my book. Here’s a link to a video of what we’re attempting to do up in space:


In other fitness related news… I’m trying to get the motivation to start running again but it’s definitely difficult to get back on track! I probably hit the rec at least three times a week still but it’s not the same as the fitness schedule I had last year. One major change to my fitness routine is that I’ve started weight lifting! I started in January and I can definitely tell that it is helping with my running and overall strength. When I run, I feel a lot stronger. When I’m hiking, I don’t tire as easily and my quads don’t get tired as quickly. Usually I do both legs and arms on the same day because I don’t go to the gym everyday. It works out well for me. The nice thing about the rec is that there’s a women’s weight room. Its a lot nicer than having to lift with all the boys in the main room. Went hiking for the first time since October last weekend and I was making good time as my friend and I escalated the mountain. I forgot how amazing hiking is. We hiked to the Royal Arch (the go-to hike for my friends and I) and feeling the wind and the sun in my face was amazing. Ok, wind not so much. But, it was still nice to be outside after the winter. Also, over my spring break I went up to Cub Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park with a couple friends. It was a relatively flat hike but still a lot of fun and extremely muddy. My poor Saucony’s got destroyed. My friends and I are planning on going backpacking for a couple of days in Rocky Mountain National Park in May before we have to go back to work on Rocket Sat (it seriously takes over our lives). The details are still being worked out, but it should be incredibly fun! Here’s a picture of the hike.


I’m so so so very excited for spring. The amazing weather is a great motivator to get outside and do something active! Today the weather is overcast and 50 degrees. Perfect running weather. My class schedule is relatively small today so I’m going to head out for a run after my last class. Brand new shoes is always exciting news! Yesterday I ordered a pair of Brooks Green Silence. So that should be coming in within the next few days. Unfortunately they’re white so hopefully they’re easy to clean up. Can’t wait to try them out because I’ve heard really good things about these pair of shoes. Well, I’m glad I found the time to post something because I really miss blogging about stuff that I’m actually passionate about. Hopefully I can find the time to post more frequently. Let me know how you guys are doing! What are you most excited for this spring?

Oh, and I really want to try to run a half marathon within the next year. Any good training tips?