Thought this was an interesting site to check out.

Run Inspired.

As I’ve written before, I love podcasts. Lots of free information by some pretty smart people (well I guess that depends on the podcast). While trying to expand my knowledge on health and nutrition, I came across The Smarter Science of Slim. So far I’ve listened to 5 episodes and I’ve really enjoyed them all.

The hosts, Jonathan Bailor (@JonathanBailor) and Carrie Brown (@CarrieBrownBlog) make scientific information about food and exercise easy to understand and fun to listen to. The information varies from high fructose corn syrup to eccentric exercises, and Jonathan cites many studies to go along with the conversation. What do I like most about this podcast? It’s about clean eating, staying away from processed foods, and how to get your body back to a point of homeostasis. It’s simple information but since we like to make things more complicated than necessary, we…

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