Star Wars and Other Shenanigans


Wow it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been so incredibly busy the past month with school and all my activities that I couldn’t find the time to post. But, I just got back from a RHA/Hall Council retreat up in Estes Park and decided it wouldn’t hurt to post before I start my never-ending pile of homework. Yay engineering… Anyway, the retreat was awesome and I definitely gained a lot of new knowledge about stereotyping, morals, and marketing/advertising. It was Star Wars themed so there were lightsaber battles and crazy masks. Very fun!

So in relation to fitness and running as this blog is suppose to be about I wanted to talk about how triathlon is going and my current training schedule. So in the past month I have been going to most of the swimming practices since those are the ones that fit better into my schedule. I’ve been running on my own… and haven’t been biking at all. Yikes. The coaches are amazing and my swimming form has definitely been improving with each practice. I’ve noticed a difference in my ability to swim continuous laps and my endurance in the water has dramatically increased. I think I have the form for the freestyle stroke pretty much down, now I just have to learn how to swim faster. The kicking exercises with the kickboards BURN! My quads hate me after kickboard exercises. Also, I learned how to breathe properly – got to keep your eyes on the floor of the pool and roll your head up to breathe instead of lifting it up. Good details to know.

I bought a purple Ironman Timex 50-lap watch on Amazon to keep track of my mile time. I ran a 26 something minute 5k the other day which was my fastest ever. YAHOO! The watch helps keep me on track when running laps so I know when I need to pick up the pace. Good investment. I’ll do a more in depth review on it later once I’ve used it for a while. I also expect to use it when I’m swimming on my own to keep track of the number of laps I do.

Biking is inconvenient because I have to go off campus to do it and its really boring without other people to go with me so I just haven’t had any motivation to go. I plan on spinning during the winter with the tri team and then starting up actual biking in the spring… if my class load doesn’t kill me first.