Update and Scars

College life has been so hectic!!! It’s amazing how busy I am. But I like being busy because then I’m never bored. Currently taking a break from physics homework to write this post. It’ll be productive procrastination…oxymoron, ironic, me just making up more excuses to not do homework? All of the above? Anyway, so my fitness routine is basically tri practice everyday… if I decide I want to go to practice. I’ve been to most of the swimming practices which I actually enjoy the most. I forgot how much I actually enjoy swimming. I’ve always considered myself to be a water girl; I just feel good in the water no matter what. It’s funny because my sister is the exact opposite and would much rather be on dry land 24/7. So I’m relearning how to swim (I was an avid swimmer back in middle school) and really liking it so far. Great core workout and leg workout.

Running is also wonderful because the running routes around Boulder are beautiful. I’ve been on one long run with the team so far and it was an awesome experience because there’s always someone on the team who runs at your pace. Plus they keep you accountable for keeping up the pace. No more slowing down! My knees have been hurting on and off lately so after runs my knees are usually yelling at me… I should probably go check that out.

Biking…is…so…hard. Especially up hills. I went on my first long bike ride with the team last Saturday (15 miles) and I can’t say I absolutely loved it. Maybe once I start chocking up more miles on the road I’ll learn to appreciate it more. The one good thing about it was that I got to chat with one junior for the majority of the ride which was really entertaining. The best thing about tri? Meeting new people! Everyone is so interesting to talk to.

I should probably get back to physics now…

Oh, and the scars from falling off the mountain are pretty sick. But hopefully they’ll fade eventually. I don’t want scarred legs forever!