Try Triathlon

So triathlon training has started this week and I’ve been to the swimming practices and one biking practice. Let me just say that biking is so difficult! I’m not in biking condition whatsoever. Hopefully over time it’ll get better… ah! Went on a run down the Boulder Creek Path yesterday which was really nice. Definitely pushed myself at the end and was breathing really hard as I got back onto campus. I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was gonna have an asthma attack or something. Got some weird stares… It’s funny how I can run so much faster when I haven’t run in a long time. Weird.

I’ve totally fallen in love with swimming. It’s so fun! Haven’t actually swam laps in like 4 years so I’ve been taking it slow. Swam about 800-900 yds. at each practice so far. Sculling is the worst thing ever. Haha.