Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

I’m a huge supporter of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution because I absolutely believe that the US needs a new way to win the war against obesity. For those of you who don’t know what this Food Revolution is, it is basically a movement with the intention of changing how America eats in order to combat the obesity epidemic. It emphasizes home cooking with real ingredients as well as educating everyone about nutrition, portion size, and how to cook. I watched his TED talk about half a year ago and immediately signed his petition as a way of showing my support.

One aspect of his proposal is to change the food served in schools because so many children are eating school meals every weekday. As a student myself, I’ve seen how atrocious the school lunches are. The frozen chicken nuggets, the off-green colored green beans, and the delicious oily french fries on the side. Appetizing right? NO! In fact I was so appalled by the lunch served at school that I started to bring my own lunch to school in 8th grade. Enough was enough. It’s sad that children have to eat those “lunches” everyday. It’s sad that in a country that is so advanced, we can’t even feed children proper nutritious meals. Imagine combining the phrases “Children are the future” and “You are what you eat”. If children are eating these frozen, processed, high-sodium, junk food everyday then our future looks pretty dim. More and more children are categorized as obese everyday – the country needs fit and healthy people to continue to grow in all areas. We need to teach children while they are still young about how to eat properly.

I confess that I wasn’t the healthiest eater throughout my life. Up until 6 months ago I still ate tons of junk food and ate out with my friends regularly. I guess you could say I was addicted to chocolate and Goldfish. Six months ago I began a journey to finally get rid of my acne issues, naturally, from the inside out. All the medications I took for it over the years never worked and the side-effects were really a pain to deal with. From leg cramps to severe mood swings, the medication just wasn’t working for me. But we’ll save that story for another post. If you want to know more about it you can always message me/leave a comment and I’ll get back to you! Anyway, long story short, I went vegan. No processed foods, meat, or dairy. It was amazing how different I felt by eating whole foods, veggies, and fruit. I gained so much energy and I felt like bouncing off the walls everyday! Through my own experience of completely changing the way I eat, I have learned that diet has a huge impact on life. What you eat impacts how you feel, your clarity, your entire life! I never believed that diet had anything to do with my tiredness in the mornings or why I felt so sluggish during the day. But after changing my diet I no longer was tired in the morning and had an abundance of energy to keep me going through the day.

So I support Jamie’s Food Revolution because I understand how diet can affect a person. All the processed and junk foods are addicting. It’s like a drug that’s legal. If you ask people to give up their daily soda or skip out on french fries, I bet you most of them couldn’t do it. Now if we taught people what actually goes into fast food or processed foods maybe things would begin to change. For those of you who know business, his revolution is like a soft sell of a product. He advises that we begin educating people so that people can make their own dietary choices. He is not some dictator that is making it mandatory that people cook at home or only eat whole foods. This revolution is not an overnight revamp of the way we eat, but a slow and informative change in culture and life.

So, I invite you to join me and the other 800,000 people in supporting Jamie’s Food Revolution. Go to http://www.jamieoliver.com/us/foundation/jamies-food-revolution/home for more information. I also suggest you watch his TED talk (which can be found on the website if you click the link above) because it’s an eye-opener on the food situation in this country today.

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