Foooood and Jamba Juice!

A super exciting announcement!!! I am a FINALIST in Jamba Juice’s photo competition! Top 10 baby! It would be awesome if you guys could vote for me (only if you think I deserve the vote of course) in the last round of competition, public voting. Go to, click “view gallery” and you should be able to vote for me! It’s under the name “Sh”… I guess I forgot to type in the “u” at the end of my name. Oh well. If you vote for me, thank you so so much!! I truly appreciate it. After all, who doesn’t want to win $150 to Jamba Juice?! The photo is of hot air balloons taken at the Erie Hot Air Balloon Festival. Here’s the photo I submitted:


Hot Air Balloons

So this is my delicious blueberry smoothie I made the other day. Here’s the ingredients:

– 1 banana
– 6oz. (roughly) of frozen blueberries
– Ice/cold water

That’s it! It was super refreshing; perfect for a hot day.

So my friend, Erica, and I went to the farmer’s market again and we bought the quinoa I was talking about the other day from Keen One. We made our own lunch with the quinoa and added corn, spinach, and chopped up carrots. DELICIOUS! It’s a great company to support since they are local and it’s always good to support local companies! We bought 3 bags of quinoa (4oz. each bag) for $10. It’s pretty steep but it’s worth it.