When You’re Angry… Run!

Yesterday I was angry for no apparent reason. It just happens sometimes and I become short tempered. I happens about three times a year or so. But it was 8:00pm and I just decided to go to the gym and work my anger away. It’s amazing what running can do; within the first 10 minutes I was already feeling so much better and was having a lot of fun on my run even though it was running around the track a billion times. There’s something about running that just melts all the negativity away. It helps me collect my thoughts when I have a lot on my mind or prevents me from thinking about anything at all if I’ve had a rough day. If I concentrate on my breathing I can erase everything else from my mind for the entire run. Sometimes it’s nice not to think about anything. If I’m not concentrating on my breathing, running forces me to think about why I feel angry, upset, jubilant, confused, or any other emotion I’m experiencing that day. I have nothing else to do but to reflect on my day and all the events that occurred, no matter how insignificant they may seem. For the first 2 miles I ran pretty quickly – all the pent up anger was my fuel. For the next 3 miles I found my pace and entered into a calm state of mind. Came home feeling very content and had a wonderful, restful sleep.

Running is therapeutic and it comes without all the expenses of hiring an actual therapist!  There have been many times where running has helped me to cope when I have been angry, upset, or sad (with reason). It’s my alone time where I do not have to deal with people or any negative triggers in my life. As much as I like socializing, there are times when I just need to be alone. Socializing can get tiring!

Today I woke up feeling energetic; nothing out of the ordinary since I usually wake up with a lot of energy. It’s summer so I have time to sleep in if needed. But usually I’m awake by 7am. I was up in Boulder so I decided to check out the Colorado Athletic Club – they have a free day pass on their website so I used it today. It’s a really nice facility with a huge selection of cardio/strength equipment, locker rooms, pools, and a fitness room where they hold their fitness classes. They even have a nice cafe where you can refuel after a hard workout. If I didn’t already have access to the CU rec center I would definitely consider getting a membership to the CAC. All the cardio equipment comes with a personal TV so you don’t have to strain your neck by looking up for your entire workout. It was really nice!

Workout today:

  • 5 miles on the treadmill
  • 10 minutes of stretching
  • 100 crunches, 1 min of plank, 50 russian twists, 25 leg lifts, 25 bicycles, 30 scissor switches
  • Worked out the arms with lat pull down, bicep curls, tricep curls, tricep kickbacks, bench press, and threw in a few squats with a 35 lb. barbell to tone up the tush!
  • Swam at a lake with friends

Oh and saw this giant insect today. Maybe a moth? It was so disgusting!

Look at the size of that thing!