Colorado Burning

Colorado is burning and it’s so scary. I walk outside and immediately smell smoke and my house isn’t even close to the fires. Today the fire took a drastic turn for the worse and 32,000+ people in Colorado Springs alone needed to evacuate. The fire has entered city limits and has entered residential areas. Homes are burning down. I truly hope that everyone is safe tonight (no one will be sleeping in CO Springs) and hopefully the firefighters can contain at least a small portion of it before it pushes it’s way even deeper into the city. These thunderstorms (creating more lightning), the wind, and the heat is just a recipe for disaster. There are three major fires in Colorado currently: High Park in Fort Collins, Flagstaff in Boulder, and Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs. The federal government has stepped in and that makes it much easier to access supplies since the state government does not have to go through red tape anymore. Quicker obtainment of supplies means we have a better chance of putting out the fire. But at this point I do not think there’s much the firefighters can do because the weather is not helping and it has gotten so large. Hopefully I’m wrong! I’m thankful that my house is not in the immediate vicinity of the fires; I can’t even imagine having to evacuate my home and leaving everything behind. Leaving and knowing that it may be the last time I see my house? It’s crazy to think about but people are living that reality as I type this post. Sometimes we don’t know how fortunate we are to have a home until a disaster occurs. Isn’t it funny that it takes a disaster to make us realize the importance of the things we take for granted? Our basic needs, water, shelter, food, and clothing, can be inaccessible during a natural disaster. But, on a daily basis we don’t think about how important these things are. We walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water without a second though. We throw our food away because we have the luxury of being surrounded by a plethora of food all the time. Our homes are a place we seek comfort and security and we know that it’ll be there when we return from work, school, or vacation. But what if one day it wasn’t there? What if it burned down? I would be a mess if my house was destroyed. We need to appreciate that we have a house to sleep in tonight because for some, they are left homeless all because of one red, flaming, monster.

Colorado Springs fire

Dropping retardant

Plane dropping retardant over Flagstaff fire

Flagstaff fire is pretty close to the major hiking trails so hopefully those areas will not be affected! I’ll be devastated if the hiking areas get burned down.