Just went to watch Brave with my little sister and it was pretty good. Definitely one of the more funny Disney movies around. Merida is the main character with amazing red hair and can use her bow like nobody’s business. I really liked how it wasn’t based so much on romance like most other Disney princess movies are. Good way to spend the evening. Oh and her horse is pretty sweet. I wish I could run as fast as a horse. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I would never have to use my car since I could get to my destination just as fast using my two feet. Horsepower! Or what if I could run for miles and miles without tiring like Legolas in the Lord of the Rings? Maybe the witch in Brave can grant me elf-like powers. Then I’d be just like Legolas and run across Middle-Earth without breaking a sweat.

Now if I were a swimmer I would want to swim as fast as Michael Phelps. He’s basically a fish right? Although I read today that he was beat by Ryan Lochte in the 400 medley. I guess he’s another fish to look out for this summer at the Olympics! I’m so excited to watch the Olympics this year! I went to Greece over spring break and was able to see the actual site of the first Olympic games! Olympia is beautiful and all the ruins were still in pretty decent condition considering how old they are. The tour guide pointed out where the statues of the winners were located, the bath house, and we were even able to run on the track. They even had massage areas where the athletes could go get massages whenever they weren’t competing. So luxurious! Here are some pictures:

The track at Olympia 

The site of Olympia – partial view

Anyway, back to the modern Olympics. I’m definitely more of a summer Olympics fan. Volleyball, swimming, running, and diving are my favorite sports to watch. If only I had tickets to go to London this year… sigh. I bet Merida would win the gold if she participated in archery. During the winter Olympics I only watch hockey and figure skating. Speaking of hockey, I was at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas last week and the NHL awards were being held there. Saw some hockey players on the red carpet! So great.

Here’s my workout for the day: 35 minutes of running on the treadmill since Colorado is still burning like crazy and 25 minutes on the elliptical. I get bored after a while which is why I switch equipment. Didn’t do any weights or abs today… didn’t feel like it. Too lazy I guess haha.